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Annual Online Reputation Course for Schools & School Staff | National Online Safety

Online safety in schools is of paramount importance

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Your online reputation is more important than ever. The advent of social media and an increasingly digital world means protecting and enhancing your school’s online reputation is critical. A negative online reputation can lead to bad press and affect admissions, individual careers and your school’s overall standing.

The role of ALL school staff

Your school’s online reputation is the responsibility of all school staff. Ensuring staff know how to conduct themselves online, what preventative measures they can put in place and how to respond to negative events is key to maintaining a healthy and trusted online reputation for your school.

What you will learn

Designed by social media experts to educate and inform all school staff, this course will provide you with an explanation of what your online reputation is and why you should be concerned. It will describe how both schools and individual members of staff can audit their online reputation and what measures can be taken to help protect it, outlining preventative techniques, intervention measures and offering practical advice post-intervention. It will offer schools steps moving forward and provide sources of further support and advice.

£100 per annum
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